Laughing Leaves

Laughing Leaves

Posted 01/09/2023

From ashes,
Dust to dust,
To the ground return I must,
Outside your window, vicious weed,
I mold into.

In darkness,
I appear,
I am monster, demon, fear
The hellish harm I will bestow
Upon you.

All alone,
While you sleep,
I commence to gently creep,
You are wond’ring why I’m doing
This to you.

By the fiend,
And the crazed,
Yes, I was devilish raised,
Never question my intentions,
Shouldn’t you.

Laughing leaves,
Look away!
Or come out with me to play,
Can’t imagine what will happen,
Unless you do.

In the end,
Should you stay,
It won’t suffice for you to pray,
Out of dust returns the evil,
You are doomed.

First published in the Nightmare Melodies Anthology on June 1, 2023, by Wingless Dreamer Publishers.

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