Put on Display

Put on Display

Posted 01/09/2023

On a stormy November night,
How I wish I could take flight
From the world that they call social,
Friend or foe, my face too oval.
My display that shines so bright,
How to go into this night,
Or any other for that sake,
Sometimes I wish I wasn’t awake.

Love or hate, no great divide,
Comment, respond, react, no time
To see what it is I’m trying to hide
Behind the façade, the truth put aside.
Sitting alone, no one in sight,
Too weird, too fat, maybe my height.
My anxiety locked away in a tank,
And for that hate, I’ve this world to thank.

My self hidden, locked far away,
If they knew, then what would they say?
Try to play, lead them astray,
Come out it will, won’t it one day?
The hurt, the horror that I call my home,
Can’t break away, all on my own.
How I wish to be an Instagram model,
Instead I sit in my bed in a puddle.

First published in the Darkness in Me Anthology on June 17, 2023, by Wingless Dreamer Publishers.

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